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September 20, 2008


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Tiago Kunzendorff

I agree with you. They just aren't making the connections they trying so hard (and expensively) to make. One thing they are succeeding at however is perpetuating the notion that Microsoft just doesn't "get it", but I don't think this is the irony they were going for.

This comic illustrates the consensus pretty well:

Sherry G

I completely disagree with your view on the I'm a PC commercial. I believe Microsoft is in better position compare to what Apple has done. Although the models look nerdy and stuffy, but the whole point is that's the way we(Microsoft)look and we're proud of being what we are...love it!

John Davis

I completely agree. I just don't get it. Except from this point of view - everything about Microsoft reeks of "committee." There are too many people's ideas in their products and this shows in their advertising.

Well, I guess it'll take them a while. They've never had to advertise before, so there are bound to be a few misses here and there.

Good luck, Microsoft. Now it's your turn to be "beleaguered!"

John Davis

Paul Greatbatch

This one says it all:


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